What is a remote control system?

Remote control means different types of services and technologies and a wide range of applications based on computer technology, electronics and telecommunications, that allows remote control of technical installations globally located or isolated.

The remote control is a tool (software or hardware) that allows you to gather information on the state of a set of devices (tools and machines) located in remote places to verifty the operating conditions and intervene quickly, if necessary, manually or automatically.


The operator of an installation can then take many actions remotely on its operation and promptly correct any problems with great time saving and resources.


Most commonly the remote control is a system with both the characteristics and under the supervision of a program that automatically handles a variety of functions. 

Continuous monitoring of the functioning of various components, also allows you to automatically alert when it's necessary to perform preventive maintenance and replacement of components with economic benefits.

Remote Control over an IP network

The technology of remote control over IP networks today make it possible to manage systems and sensors via a common computer network; thanks to this technology it is possibile to reuse the same network data infrastructure and optimize the implementation costs of a new sensor network, in addition, the HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications, like SCADA systems, that uses an IP network already expand the possibility in the future of the control and the possibility of remote management of systems and sensors via the Internet network.

A remote control system over IP network is based on:

  1. a management software of I/O devices and cameras over IP
  2. many I/O interfaces over an IP network connected to analog and digital sensors and to actuators
  3. any IP cameras that allow you to supervise optically portions of the plant to control remotely

All devices in the field, in the case of a remote control system over an IP network, work just like any computing device connected to an Ethernet network (PCs, network printer, NAS ...), infact it is possible to configure IP address of devices in your LAN and, configuring the rules on the ADSL router, it is possible to manage them remotely.

Today, thanks to technology over an IP network, the remote control applications break costs and boundaries of use, increasing areas of manageable applications.


Application scenarios that can be managed with remote control system over IP

The applications scenarios manageable with remote monitoring over IP system are numerous:

  • Control of electrical loads: a remote control system can handle loads of different departments or different plants of the same company, as well as buildings or businesses owned by the same entity, allowing incisive approach to energy management and control of priority in the event of load peaks occur on priority basis by the user.
  • Control of roads and public lighting: with a remote control system, you can manage light signals to motorists in real time, depending on the traffic conditions and the management of public lighting and the drive to the gates of urban LTZ.
  • Control of the levels of pollutants in different parts of a city: the remote system in this case is an aid to monitoring pollutant emissions, the processing of data and the identification of critical areas.
  • Building Automation: the remote control system makes a building "intelligent" that allows the coordinated and integrated management of technological systems (air conditioning, water and gas distribution and energy) to improve comfort, safety, energy conservation of buildings and therefore the quality of 'living and working in the buildings.
  • Health Care Automation in a Hospital: remote control in health care is the ideal solution for any facilities that wish to ensure total control and safety of patients and environments.
    For example you can manage the centralized control of the entire department, directly from the hall-reception that welcomes visitors from a PC enabling monitoring of the entire system through the remote control software over IP.
    Besides being able to manage the lighting and engines of a standard home automation system (blinds, curtains, drapes for that night), there is the possibility to monitor the time spent in the bathroom of the patient, manage the emergency call from the patient's bedside, manage, through special sensors, the presence of the patient on the bed and other aspects that ensure the safety of the patient real-time reports any problems to the operators.
  • Multisytem control: using a remote control system over IP is also ideal to be able to monitor and aggregate multiple individual systems, even of the traditional type (alarm systems, fire ....), only in a graphics supervision system over IP allowing you to manage all alarms from individual sites.
  • Monitoring temperatures of cold storage: the critical importance of this type of industry, both in the pharmaceutical and food, draws many advantages from the use of remote control systems and supervision of IP because it prevents, with automated diagnostic tools, malfunction or failure in cold storage.



The above scenarios are just a few of the possible uses of the technology of remote control over an IP network, the flexible tools remote control and supervision ingNET that has developed over the years allow you to manage in a very simplified WEB session all the possible remote control applications, minimizing the costs of implementation because the infrastructure management is the same of any computer network.

ingNET has also engineered its own hardware and software solution for monitoring and remote control systems over an IP network. The connection of the sensors in the field is managed by one or more I/O interface cards IP connected to the LAN or on a remote network. All the data captured by I/O interfaces over IP are handled in an homogeneous all-in-one software solution for video surveillance, security and remote control over an IP network called iCare which also allows you automatic management of any alarms detected.

Discover iCare, the all-in-one software solution for video surveillance, security and remote control

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