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ingNET operates since many years in Italy in the Information Technology field to support its customers with the following services:

Some of the services that require distributed accesses to network resources are hosted in our Server Farm that provides:


The connection to the Big Internet is critical for a Server Farm. For this multiple connections have been realized with different vendors, using the best technology available. Each connection has an entry point in the building and a geographic location different than the other, in order to drastically reduce the possibility of simultaneous failure. Also the combination of Italian and foreign suppliers in addition to the direct connection to the main point of Italian exchange guarantee not only redundancy but also the highest possible performance.
In total 47Gbit / s redundant connectivity and managed dynamically using BGP4 protocol (AS31034).

2 Cisco Router class in balance 12,000 for external connections
Cisco 7600 Router 2 class in balance for internal connections
2 Cisco Catalyst 6513 with over 500 Gigabit ports for distribution to all rack cabinets.
Switch over 500 local distribution in each rack.

Internal LAN cabling fully certified Category 6.

Power Supply

Another fundamental element is electricity.
To get the highest quality and protection, the Server Farm has our own transformer station 5 Megawatt connected to Enel through high-voltage lines. This station is connected to the Power Center inside where there are 5 to 500kVA UPS in parallel redundant and their groups of batteries that ensure the immediate presence of emergency power supply and isolation from the external power grid. In case of interruption of energy by Enel, the two diesel generators intervene within 60 seconds and have autonomy over several days even in the absence of supplies. Finally, the internal distribution network provides 4 different lines of power to each rack.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system guarantees constant temprature and humidity within the halls data. The total power consumption of the plants is such as to ensure adequate cooling even in the event of failure of a third of the units installed.


Server Farm is surveilled 24h a day, 365 days a year. The surveillance system with motorized cameras allows you to control the points of the structure, while the alarm system automatically detects vibration or unauthorized opening of inputs..

The biometric sensors placed at the entrance of the various inland areas and connected to the intrusion detection system prevents unauthorized access.

The inert gas fire-fighting system is connected to smoke detectors placed above and below the raised floor and is automatically activated only gas flooding the affected area. The gases used do not damage equipment and are not toxic to people.


Qualified staff provides inspection, maintenance and service.

All technicians have tools for real-time display of the status of each server and receive audible and visual alarms upon detection of any problem.

The continuous proactive monitoring of system performance also allows to detect and resolve any problems before they can cause degradation or malfunction.

Dedicated Servers

The Dedicated Servers are housed in special cabinets can contain both server "rack" and server "middle-tower". Internet connectivity is ensured by a dedicated LAN and entirely independent of that used by the other services.

Traffic Shaping systems is the latest generation and works in a completely transparent way.

The servers are monitored by reps that monitor the state and are responsible for reporting to our team of possible hardware problems encountered and subsequently their resolution.
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