The evolution of IP video and I/O remote control for your business and the public administration!

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iCare ENVIRONMENT, the simple and adaptable Web solution for security and IP remote control of your system from PC, MAC, Smartphone and Tablet!

This powerful and complete Web solution allows you to manage video surveillance and remote control systems over IP network at the same time;
in fact, you will able to simultaneously and graphically manage multiple video streams from any IP ONVIF camera, you can see all data coming from analogue and digital sensors thanks to PADI IP I/O board, you can control devices throughout the territory and in civil areas (motorised gates, emergency lighting devices, pumps and others); moreover, you can also supervise and remote control any traditional systems.
NEW – You can now experience the usage of a real system of Environmental Intelligence directly from your computer!!
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Versatile and easy to use

iCare ENVIRONMENT is the first all-in-one system designed for video monitoring and remote controlling civil and industrial areas of the territory (urban, sub-urban, rural areas and renewable energy systems). It also natively integrates the geo-localization services offered by Google Maps to geo-referenciate all the resources connected to the system (IP cameras, sensors and actuators) and it also manages the localisation of all the resources linked to the system on multiple graphic layouts with a simple Web access.
The software platform iCare ENVIRONMENT is also available for a virtual machine version.

telecontrollo videocontrollo impianti web

videocontrollo impianti web

Unique: cameras, sensors and actuators management under your control in an all-in-one Web managed solution accessible from any place!

iCare ENVIRONMENT simultaneously manages cameras, sensors and actuators connected to the software via an IP network. All devices can be controlled, according to different access user policies by a single operational centre on a multi monitor system, by your laptop, smartphone or tablets with your favorite Internet browser, without installing any software control or APP. But that's not all! iCare ENVIRONMENT allows you to create, with just a few clicks on its easy Web GUI, AND or OR logics in order to manage simple or complex events generated by analogue and digital sensors and connected cameras.

Reliable and secure

iCare ENVIRONMENT, thanks to the integrated diagnostic LCD panel, immediately informs the inspection staff in case of hardware malfunctions, such as: server operating temperature limits exceeded, fan failures, Internet connectivity not available, tampering of the local network connection, hard disk failure or full and cameras or I/O devices disconnected from the network and no longer accessible. In this way it is always possible to diagnose, in real time, the actual operation of the entire system and the devices connected to it.


No limits control, now also from Smart TV!

iCare mac
Thanks to its software designed to be natively compatible with the most common Web standard, iCare ENVIRONMENT can also be used from the inspection staff in any place from any mobile device connected to the Internet such as smartphones, tablets and now also from the browser integrated in the Smart TVs , without installing any APP or software.


iCare ENVIRONMENT integrates the most innovative video analysis systems to minimise the reporting of false alarms. These tools allow you to efficiently monitor video surveillance systems with many cameras at the same time with more simplicity, notifying the inspection staff only real alarms.

Supervise and manage from WEB Modbus devices is now no longer a problem!

modbus via webiCare supports, in master mode, one or more devices compatible with the protocol Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU over TCP/IP.
Thanks to the Modbus protocol support, you can control one or more features of advanced devices from any manufacturer such as: fire systems, alarm systems,  I/O field RTUs, photovoltaic inverters and air conditioning HVAC systems. 
Finally, you can give new life to all your Modbus devices realizing, in a simpler and faster way, one or more HMI layouts to remote control sensors and devices from any PC, MAC, smartphone and tablet web browser and now also by SMART TV browser!
In addition, the user can program operator alerts and automatic behavior of all Modbus devices managed by iCare.
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